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John 9

Scholars @ the Branch
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Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church; Rev. Louie Boykin- Pastor

Book of Isaiah; Chapters 1-26”

-Volume 2; February, 2015-

(Reference the KJV and The Living Bible translation on line for reference. will give you several versions to research.)

“Thank you for participating in the Scholars at the Branch Bible ministry.  Our prayer is that your bible knowledge increases and that you draw closer to God through individual study time.  God Bless you and your efforts!”Stacey A.Orr-Autho
Directions:  Pray and ask God for understanding.  Read the questions completely, search the text as you study, write only the answer legibly and concise.  Include the number of the chapter & the verse(s) of your answer choice.  Returned by 03/22/15.   A minimum score of 90 is required for recognition as a Scholar at the Branch”.   
1.    Isaiah talks about the destruction of the land of the land of Judah. He describes it as empty wasteland.  He then said, “All who are left will shout and sing for joy. But my heart is heavy with grief for evil still prevails and treachery is everywhere.”  What did he say would be the lot for men of the world?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2.     Isaiah describes how Egypt held Israel captive and how the hand of God destroyed them.  After God smote them, he later listened to their pleas and restored The Egyptians turned to the Lord and he listened to their pleas and he healed them.  What two nations became allies to Egypt during this period of restoration for Egypt? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
3.    Why did the Lord tell Isaiah to walk around naked in when Syrians captured the Philistines? _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________
4.    God became frustrated and angry with the Leaders of Israel once again; he told them he will no longer accept their sacrifices or listen to them when they pray with their hands stretched towards Him in heaven. What did God say the reason was for his rejection of prayers and sacrifices?  ____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________
5.    After God chastised the Israelites he said to them to wash themselves and be clean and no longer do those wicked things; do good! What did he say he would do with even the deepest stains of their sins if they complied with his instructions?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
6.    The destruction of Egypt is foretold by Isaiah and the people will cry out for the Lords help.  In that day five of Egypt’s cities will follow the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. They will even begin to speak Hebrew, the language of Canaan. What was the name of one of the cities called, the City of the Sun?  ________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7.    The Royal line of David will be cut down like a tree, but a new shoot shall spring forward and the spirit of the Lord shall be with him.  What other spirits will be upon him? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

8.    God said “I will punish the fruit of the stout heart of the king of Assyria, and the glory of his high looks.” Because he brags that, “By the strength of my hand I have done it, and by my wisdom; for I am prudent: and I have removed the bounds of the people, and have robbed their treasures, and I have put down the inhabitants like a valiant man.”  What did God say the light of Israel do to the king of Assyria?  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
9.    Isaiah foretells of the coming of the Messiah’s birth.  What are the Royal titles he would be called? _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________
10. The Lord sent a message to Isaiah to “Write down with a man’s pen the birth announcement of the son I will give you”, said God.  The meaning of his name means “your enemies will soon be destroyed”?  What was the name the Lord told Isaiah to write down? ____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
11. Israel’s civil government was in terrible shape; they refused to worship God, they spoke out against Him and refused to worship Him.  They were so bold in their sin they bragged about how sinful they were by comparing themselves to a city.  What was the name of this city the Israeli’s felt they were equal in sin?  _______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
12. (2 Part Question) In Isaiah’s prophecy of judgment upon Jerusalem and Judah he said that, so few men will be left alive for the haughty Jewish women. How many women did he prophesy would fight over one man to marry them? _____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________  Who were the first two groups of people to feel God’s wrath? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

13.   Praises were sung to God for His faithful judgments and His salvation.  They said, “O praise the Lord! He has made our nation very great. He has widened our boundaries of our land.” Towards the end of the praises they said; “when your punishment was upon us  we poured forth a prayer, How we miss your presence!”  What type of suffering did they compare their suffering to when God’s punishment was upon them?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Submission Instructions:  Completed study questions may be emailed to or mailed to Baldwin Branch (postmarked by the due date) or returned in person to myself, Stacey A. Orr or Ms.
Geraldine Rhody- church secretary.






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