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John 11
Scholars @ the Branch

Scholars @ the Branch

A Personal Bible Study Ministry

Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church
Dr. Louie Boykin- Pastor
Book of Ezekiel; Chapters “1-21” Vol. 5; May 2015

(Reference the KJV and The Living Bible translation on line; will give you several versions to search.)

“Thank you for participating in the Scholars at the Branch Bible ministry.  Our prayer is that your bible knowledge increases, you get to know God better, and that you draw closer to Him through individual study time and prayer.  God Bless you and your efforts!”                                                                                                  Stacey A. Orr/Author

Directions: Pray and ask God for understanding.  Read the questions completely, search the text as you study, write only the answer legibly and concise.  Include the chapter & the verse number(s) of your answer choice.  Return by 06/28/15.  A minimum score of 90 is required for recognition as a Scholar at the Branch” certificate.
1.      (2Part Qst.) Who was Ezekiel and how old was he when God began giving him visions?  ___________________________________________________
2.     Ezekiel was told by God to make human dung cakes as fuel to bake his barley cakes with; he questioned God’s instructions and expressed his feelings saying how he had never been defiled a day in his life, and basically asked God must he really do this?  What was God’s response? ________________________________________________________
3.    (2Part Qst.) In Ezekiel’s first vision from God, Ezekiel gave a description of God’s Glory.  How did he did describe the Glory of God from the waist up and down? What did he do when he was in the presence of God’s Glory? _________________________________________________________
4.     (3 part Qst.)God told Ezekiel to eat a message that He gave him to give to the people of Israel.   A.) What was the message written on?  B.) What did Ezekiel say the message tasted like?   C.) Other than rebels, how did God describe the nature of the people of Israel?  _________________________________________________________
5.     Ezekiel received many visions from God and each time God spoke to Ezekiel He did not call him by his name Ezekiel.  In the first vision from God, what name did God call Ezekiel?   ________________________________________________________
6.       As God was speaking to Ezekiel in a vision He said He would bring calamity on the whole world because of their wickedness and sins.  He said, however if these three men were still in it, they would be delivered because of their righteousness and that He would destroy everything and everybody else.  What were the names of the 3 men?   ________________________________________________________
7.     Ezekiel was instructed by God to lie on his left side to represent the number of days as the same number of years of sin of the people of Israel.  How many days did Ezekiel have to lie on his left side?   ________________________________________________________
8.     God showed Ezekiel 27 men in a vision while he was over the east gate of the Temple.  Who did God tell Ezekiel these men were?
9.    (2Part Qst.) God said to Ezekiel that the whole lot of Israelites are rebels, stubborn, hard headed and impudent.  But not to worry because He made him tough too; giving him a forehead as hard as a rock, therefore, he was not to be afraid of them when delivering His messages. The Spirit lifted him and took him to Tel Abib to a colony of Jewish exiles. How many days against his will, was he with the exiles?  At the end of his time there, what appointment did God give Ezekiel to Israel ________________________________________________________
10.  Before Ezekiel received a roll/scroll from God, He unrolled it and let him see what was on the scroll/roll.  What was written on the roll/scroll?  ________________________________________________________
11.  God told Ezekiel in a vision to clap his hands vigorously and then take a sword and brandish it two times and then three times.  What did his action symbolize?  ________________________________________________________
12.  What message from God was Ezekiel sending to King Zedekiah in Jerusalem and the people of Israel when he packed his belongings outside his house in the daylight so the people could see him and dug a through the wall in the dark? ________________________________________________________
13.  Ezekiel was instructed by God to cut his beard with a sharp knife, a barber’s razor, and cut his beard after he divided it into 3 sections.  God gave him instructions of what to do with each part.  “ Thou shalt burn with fire a third part in the midst of the city, when the days of the siege are fulfilled: and thou shalt take a third part, and smite about it with a knife: and a third part thou shalt scatter in the wind; and I will draw out a sword after them.”(KJV)  God was against the Israelites because they had refused His statutes and judgments; plus they had turned out to be even more wicked than the nations around them.     What did each section of Ezekiel’s beard symbolize would happen to the people of Israel because of their disobedience and their refusing to follow the ways of God?   ________________________________________________________
14.  (2 Part Qst.) Ezekiel said God’s voice came to him in a roar like thunder and told him to call the six whom He gave the city to and when they came they stood beside the bronze alter in the Temple; at which time the Glory of God rose between the six.  What did God tell the one of the six who had a writers case on his side to do throughout Jerusalem and why?   ________________________________________________________


Submission Instructions:  Completed study questions may be emailed to or mailed to Baldwin Branch (postmarked by the due date) or returned in person to myself, Stacey A. Orr or the Church Secretary.


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